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Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo – Rivers Cuomo

December 30, 2007

Many people know Rivers Cuomo as “The guy who sings for Weezer”. That is entirely true. However, Rivers does more than just sing for Weezer. He plays guitar and writes some of the most well crafted music that I, and most people, have ever heard. “Alone” is a look into Rivers’ life before and during Weezer, as he recorded what would go on to be one of Weezers more famous songs (Buddy Holly) and some that would never see the light of day, becoming what has been known to fans as the “Songs From The Black Hole”, a space-themed rock opera that was scrapped and replaced by what would eventually become the bands second album, Pinkerton. While the quality of most of these recordings is not that great (since they are demo recordings), the album acts as something to hold Weezer fans over until the bands 6th album is released sometime in 2008. Overall I would have to give this album a B+ simply because of lack of appeal. I love it as a Weezer fan, but I’m not sure that many others who don’t like Weezer would be particularly drawn to it.

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