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Just needed to update…

January 23, 2008

Ok, so it’s been a crazy week, I just need it to end. I’m taking mid-terms right now, just figured I’d post a list of some of the albums that are getting me through all of this stress. Enjoy:

Daft Punk – Discovery

  • Yay for poppy techno!

Wilco – Yankee Foxtrot Hotel

  • I just got into Wilco a while back. This is their Magnus Opus, and it is well deserving of that title

The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin

  • Arguably the greatest album of all time.

Sum 41 – Underclass Hero (Hey, it’s a good album!)

  • Don’t dis them just because they’re punk. It’s a really good album.

The Postal Service – Give Up

  • An amazing album, a sort of more techno-based Death Cab

Ayreon – The Human Equation

  • Good if you like prog/classical rock operas…or even if you dont. It’s pretty amazing.

Draco and the Malfoys – Draco and the Malfoys

  • Don’t dis wizard rock until you’ve really given “99 Dementors” a listen

Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted

  • A close second for greatest album ever

Streetlight Manifesto – Keasby Nights

  • My friend and I just started a ska band. Streetlight is one of our main influences.

Muse – Absolution

  • Muse has redefined prog and brought it back into the mainstream

Dream Theater – Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

  • Another amazing prog album, but not as mainstream or poppy as Muse, but, if not as good, a million times better.

Okkervil River – The Stage Names

  • One of 2007s best indie albums

Sleep Tight and I recommend you listen to all of this. If you need other suggestions, try what I’m listening to right now.

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