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The Matches – A Band In Hope

February 18, 2008

Ah, The Matches. Where to begin with these pop-punkers turned progressive-punk musicians. Well, their first album was released and was a significant pop-punk success. A bunch of good songs, and a pretty cool cover. Next album: Decomposer. A much more avant-garde shift, 90098583423 millions producers, and it is amazing. The new album, A Band In Hope, is arguably as good as, if not better than, Decomposer. They again have many producers on this album, and is pretty reminiscent of Decomposer. However, while Decomposer felt too busy, as if they tried to put everything into all of their songs, ABIH takes a new direction. There are still the traditional pop-punk songs, such as “We Are One” and “Point Me Toward the Morning”. The album also contains what is the happiest song ever written, “Wake the Sun” I found myself wanting to dance around down a sunny street. I had not been that happy since I first listened to “The Soft Bulletin”. Shawn‘s vocal work on this album is simply amazing, namely on songs such as “Darkness Rising” and “Yankee in a Chip Shop”. While listening to this album, I found myself concentrating on trying to pick out every flaw in it. The only on that I could come up with is that some of the songs sound like “The Black Parade”, except that they don’t suck. Its as if you take every good thing that My Chemical Romance has done (both of them) and make it a little punkier and a little stranger. Definitely an amazing album, and if not for the new Mars Volta, definitely a candidate for album of the year.

8.5 out of 10

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