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Float – Flogging Molly

March 31, 2008

Genre: Punk/Celtic-Punk

It has been four years since Celtic-Punk band Flogging Molly has released new material. However, let me tell you that it was worth the wait. Famous for combining traditional Irish and Celtic folk melodies with the more modern sounds of punk and alternative rock, Flogging Molly does just that on their latest album, “Float”. By sticking to a sound that works for the band, they are not only able to guarentee a steady fan-base, but are able to improve musically upon their older material. They have clearly done this on their latest album. This album does have it’s share of imperfections. While most of the songs sound different, I could not help but think “Wait, have I heard this song already?”. That is because, in sticking to their original sound, the band has simply replicated what they already have done, albeit more musically complicated. Some of the songs on the second half of the album definitnely feel as if they were “stolen” from the bands earlier releases. I would reccomend the tracks “Requiem for a Dying Song”, “Float”, “Us of Lesser Gods”, and “Paddy’s Lament” if you want to hear the traditional sounds of Flogging Molly, with a newer twist. Even with it’s imperfections, this album gets a 8.2.

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