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This Will Destroy You – This Will Destroy You

March 31, 2008

Genre: Post-Rock

This Will Destroy You is one the latest Post-Rock band to come out of Texas, sharing their home state with the likes of Explosions in the Sky, The American Analog Set, and Pretty the Quick Black Eyes. When I first heard this album, I was very dissappointed. The concept of post-rock is that it is supposed to sound light and airy or motivating, but not complicated and busy. That’s exactly what the first half of the first song on this album, A Three Legged Work Horse, was. It seemed as if the band had crammed every idea that they ever had for a song into those four minutes. However, the song settled down, and the album moved on. The next song, Villa Del Refugio, had a completely different feel. The first two minutes were made up of simple notes palyed over one another, giving that peaceful feeling as I mentioned above, but being almost too boring. After this intro, there comes a constant noise that sounds like a few hundred violins repeatedly playing the same note or almost like waves coming up against a shore. This noise just keeps building, becoming more intense as every second passes. The song then gets eerily quiet as it fades to nothing and then ends. The album did improve after these two songs; the rest of the album was very well crafted and a prertty well done effort. However, as musically well done as these songs were, they could become boring, repetitive, and predictable at times. Overall, I would give this album a 8.4. It was very well made but like I said, it began to get very repetitive and boring.

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