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Coheed and Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow

January 19, 2009
No World For Tomorrow

Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow

With a title that long, it must be worth your while. And, that is true, as this album does not fail to impress. Coheed and Cambria is famous for its use of epic harmonies a driving guitar riffs, and those are exactly what are present in No World For Tomorrow. Opening with an intro track that consists of an acoustic guitar and a simple vocal line, the album then cuts to it’s title track, which has it’s share of moments that I actually had to rewind and listen to some parts again on my first listen-through of the album. The rest of the album contains a good amount of moments that leave the listener saying “wow”. Some notable songs include “No World For Tomorrow”, “Feathers”, “The Running Free” (The First Single), and “The End Chapter II: Radio Bye Bye”. The album also features drummer Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters, Brian May) as a replacement for drummer Josh Eppard, who left the band in November of 2006. This album recieves, and thouroughly deserves an A/A+


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