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Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes – An Analysis

February 6, 2009
Conor Oberst at the ULU (Compliments of Andrew Kendall, all rights reserved)

Conor Oberst at the ULU (Compliments of Andrew Kendall, all rights reserved)

Now, a while back, I wrote a post criticizing Conor Oberst and all his indiemo-ness. Now, I am not here to recant what I said, but simply revisit it and see if my opinions have changed. So here is an official interview.

So, who is Conor Oberst and why do I care?

Conor Oberst is a musician. He plays the guitar and piano (among many other instruments) and can also sing pretty well. Oberst is also the front man (and only consistent member) of indie-folk-rock group, Bright Eyes. Oberst has also released two major solo albums, along with other solo demos.

I repeat, why do I care?

Well, last time, I believe I called Oberst something along the lines of one who would “lead the world into the land of pretense, bad haircuts tight jeans and quiet acoustic guitars” and quite frankly I would like to take all of that back. Oberst is slightly pretentious (but no more so than any other major musician), he does play an acoustic guitar, his jeans are not particularly tight and his hair really isn’t that bad.

So, you like him?

Not necessarily. I’ve never met him; erego, I don’t know if I like him. I do, however, like his music. Atleast Bright Eyes’ latest album, Cassadaga.

So, you like him?

I just said, I like his music, but as far as Conor Oberst the person goes, I am not able to make a judgement. Besides, who are you asking these questions, and why do you care?

I’m just your subconcious…you’re exploiting me for the sake of a false interview.

Oh, alright.

So, official verdict. Conor Oberst: Not as bad as I previously thought. Conor, if you lost any fans because they read my last post, then I guess it’s okay because you don’t want people to be your fans if they read this blog and take it too seriously I am deeply sorry.

Well, that’s all for me for right now. See you chumps later.

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