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Musically Coming Full Circle

July 15, 2010

Everyone goes through musical phases…innocent, non-threatening rock, angry punk, bizzarre indie, Weird Al…I’ve been through more phases more times than I can count. Yet, it’s still very strange when I stumble back onto one that I haven’t done in a while. It’s kind of like meeting up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in years. What’s truly strange, however, is when you break the familiar cycle and tread into some uncharted territory. For example, I’ve been on a pretty steady cycle of going from Indie-folk (Weepies, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kelly, Bon iver) to more “straight forward” indie music (MGMT, Arcade Fire, Phoenix) and then completely shift gears and go into a very mainstream music phase (Green Day, My Chemical Romance) and then ease myself back into the indie with some nostalgic music (Blink-182, Less than Jake, Weezer, Yellowcard) and then repeat. This cycle is starting to be broken as I completely jump around on the list and add various genres in there.

One look on my itunes play history will show Against Me! (Who I will get into very shortly, the new album is amazing), Nick Drake, Angels and Airwaves, IYAZ, The Weepies, Lady Gaga, Motion City Soundtrack, Sum 41 and Jimi Hendrix. Not that I mind any of this, it just makes for a troubling answer to the question “So, what have you been listening to lately?” because, quite frankly, I’m not even sure anymore.

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